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Wood Options

Advantages of Cypress Wood

  • Color The color of cypress wood is light, yellowish brown.
  • Grain/Texture It has straight grain and medium to coarse texture, but finishes very smooth.
  • Rot Resistant and Durable It is an exceptionally durable wood compared to other species and is rot and water resistant.

Advantages of Cedar Wood

  • Color Cedar wood is an aromatic wood that has a reddish-brown heartwood grain with ranges from dark yellow to almost white.
  • Durable It is an exceptionally durable wood that is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks. Cedar is resistant to moisture absorption, requires minimal maintenance and will not easily warp.
  • Appearance The wood has strong color tones that look very attractive and can be treated for a more attractive finish.

Advantages of Sapele Wood

  • Color The color of Sapele wood is golden to dark reddish brown. Sapele belongs to the mahogany family.
  • Durability Sapele wood has great durability and Sapele wood furniture can last an exceptionally long time.
  • Appearance The appearance of this type of wood furniture is natural and shiny.