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Need Father's Day Gift Ideas? Here's why a Bed Swing is a Perfect Gift for Father’s Day This Year.

Buying for that guy in your life can sometimes seem like Mission Impossible. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, a sure way to please him is to buy him a bed swing, Charleston, SC, style. “What is a bed swing?” you ask. It is the most amazing way to sit, relax, and enjoy a warm summer’s night or a cool chilly fall evening. Your man does so much to make your life better, why not invest in a surefire way to enhance his free time?

What is a Bed Swing?

A bed swing is a fantastic way to enjoy any room inside or out. A hanging bed or bed swing is a crib-sized or twin bed that you secure from a ceiling joist with ropes, and they move around gently, gliding the day away. They are a perfect way to give Dad a place to unwind and relax. The best part is that two can share for cozy nights together. And they are also an ideal place for your kids to spend some time swinging away before they get too old to want to.

What Options are Available?

The best part about a Carolina Hanging Bed swing is that it can be completely customized to suit his style. They are all handcrafted and custom-made. So if your man has a favorite sports team or color, you can have it made to reflect his interests. And the pillows are all made from Sunbrella fabric, so you don’t have to worry about fading or moisture. We only use the highest-quality products, combined with the very best in woodworking.

Fully Customized for Him!

Everything from the type of wood to the chain that secures it can be matched to match his tastes. And they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing - they are sturdy enough to last for decades of enjoyment. We also offer a hanging bed cover to keep the swing looking like new through even the worst weather. Accessories like the detachable cup holder will make a great place to house his favorite drink. And they are fully rot-resistant and durable, making them the gift that will keep giving for years to come.

Throw in Some More Comfort

Aside from standard pillows, choose the full cushion package so he can really get comfortable. We offer a lumbar pillow to ease his weary back, a bolster to buffer the wood, and a cushion that is as comfortable as settling into bed for the evening. A Carolina Hanging Bed is quite arguably the best gift for every man out there.

This Father’s Day, forget the tie and get something Dad really wants this year - a place that is just for him or whoever he invites along. Your husband will love spending time creating memories year-round. Check out all the great options we have available and order your bed swing today!