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Why Choose a Hanging Bed Swing Over Your Average Porch Swing?

With the 4th of July past us, the dog days of summer will soon be upon us. Undoubtedly, August is one of the hottest times in the South, but it’s also a great time to spend with family and friends, cooling off at night by gathering on the porch or in the sunroom. A porch swing is not just the traditional gathering place; they make for an excellent night of togetherness. But a hanging bed swing offers a much more comfortable way to swing your summer night away.

Sit Back and Relax

What people love most about porch swings is they are a relaxing way to let go of the day’s stress. But when it comes to ordinary porch swings, typically, there is no way to sit back and relax. A hanging bed swing allows you to lay back and really stretch out while gently rocking your day away. And they are big enough for two to share, so you can spend some quality time alongside your main squeeze or get some cuddle time while your youngster is still young!

They are Stylish

Nothing says “Southern living” more than a welcoming front porch that says, “Come sit a spell!” A hanging bed is a step above the traditional porch swing. Our hanging beds are custom-built and one of a kind. They are also made with the finest-quality craftsmanship in the industry, so our porch swing is not just a porch swing - it is a piece of art that increases your curb appeal.

Doubling as a Bed

Want to fall asleep under the stars, watching the night sky fade away? A hanging bed is a perfect way to sit outside for an extended time. Plan a full night’s sleep in the fresh air, and stargaze until the sandman carries you off to dreamland. You can’t do that on a traditional porch swing!

Whimsical and Personalized

Our hanging bed swings aren’t just a standard porch swing; they can be fully customized to your tastes! You get to choose the pillow colors and patterns and the style of the hanging bed itself. This means your hanging bed swing is not just a piece of furniture to enjoy outside; it is a conversation piece and part of the overall decor!

If there is one thing that we love on a warm summer’s night, it is being outdoors, enjoying stargazing and time with family. Traditionally, a porch swing is a great way to let the entire family sit and chill out on the front porch. But a hanging bed swing is an upgrade that will increase your curb appeal! Choose from any of our one-of-a-kind swings or build to suit - either way, it will be a great conversation piece and an excellent way to welcome guests to swing the night away! Check out our selection of hanging bed swings today!