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Custom Hanging Beds - What are They and Why You Need One for Your Home or Business!

There is nothing better than sitting on your porch or deck enjoying the excellent weather or watching a sunset. But not all patio furniture provides a comfortable place to take a seat and relax. Rocking chairs are great, but you have to do all the work. And regular outdoor furniture can be difficult to melt into and put your day’s cares aside. A hanging bed combines all the things you love about outdoor seating with a real way to rest, while also giving you a front-row seat to the beauties of nature.

What is a Hanging Bed?

There is no mystery behind what a hanging bed is, it is just as the name implies — a bed that hangs on your front porch, deck, or really anywhere. The difference between a swing bed, a bed swing, a porch swing, and a hanging bed is that a hanging bed gives you enough room to stretch out, lay down, and get really comfy alone or with the ones you love. A hanging bed is a crib size or twin size bed that is secured from the ceiling with ropes that moves with ease. Almost like your gliding with a gentle rock.The hanging bed is secured from the ceiling with ropes that move with ease, almost as if you are gliding. They are the greatest way to enjoy the great outdoors both in style and as comfortably as possible.

Why order your hanging bed from us? The Difference is Simply Quality and Craftsmanship

Not all hanging beds are created equally. At Carolina Hanging Beds, we offer one-of-a-kind custom designs that are uniquely crafted just as you want them. We have over 25 years of woodworking and master carpentry skills under our belt. And that extensive experience allows us to do some really cool stuff, create inventive styles, and add an upgraded quality that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Each of our beds is hand-made in Charleston, South Carolina, and crafted with the highest quality in the industry for durability.

Not Just for Your Porch

Hanging beds are an amazing way to see the sunset, enjoy the good weather, or even enjoy your morning Joe along with an amazing sunrise. And they also make excellent places to relax just about anywhere in or around your home. We can customize our hanging beds to fit any space or decor to perfection. Our pillows are all made with Sunbrella fabric, which can withstand the outdoor elements, and come in a vast number of different styles and patterns to fit your individual tastes.

At Carolina Hanging Beds, customization is what we pride ourselves on. It allows each of our clients to enjoy the flexibility of creating something they can love, cherish, and enjoy for years to come.

What are You Waiting for?

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, and Father’s Day soon to follow, why not carve out an inviting space for your spouse to enjoy with family and friends? We can build a custom design piece that is uniquely wonderful for your special loved one. Rest and relaxation are waiting today, let us build you a hanging bed to hang out and create loving memories!

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